Marienberg, 16 May 2017

The 3rd Company of 371 Armoured Infantry Battalion has deployed to Estonia to participate in the 2017 Spring Storm exercise. There, they are preparing for their future assignment in Lithuania. They will replace the first German contingent of enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania from the middle of the year. In this exercise, the company will prove that they are ready for their upcoming NATO mission.

(© Bundeswehr/Grünwald)

The company is participating in the exercise at Estonia’s own invitation. Twelve Marder armoured infantry fighting vehicles and several freight containers were loaded onto trains cars in Marienberg and brought to the port of Rostock-Warnemünde to set sail for the northernmost of the Baltic countries. Soldiers of 701 Engineer Battalion from Gera and eight battle tanks from 393 Tank Battalion based in Bad Frankenhausen also deployed to Estonia to reinforce the armoured infantry company.

Exercising in their future formation

The equipment was brought together in Rostock and transported by road and rail to the port. Following the idea that you should exercise the way you would fight, the reinforced 3rd Company of infantry soldiers from Marienberg will keep the same formation in Lithuania.

This movement of forces for the Spring Storm exercise is a dry run for deploying to Lithuania. While planning and carrying out the deployment, the soldiers of 371 Armoured Infantry Battalion were able to use valuable experience they gained last year, when the unit was part of the NATO Response Force. Spring Storm 2017 is one of a series of exercises which takes place in the Baltic every year and will be conducted from 10 to 24 May.

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