Rukla, 16 May 2017
What could be finer than embellishing your uniform with a proud distinction? The award at stake in the recent international shooting contest in Rukla was the German marksmanship lanyard (in German: "Schützenschnur"), and around 200 servicemen and -women took the opportunity to try for it. The contest was run by the German troops and proved very popular.

(© Bundeswehr)

Everything under control – range officers kept busy

Being so numerous, the international troops were split up into groups. This meant everyone had a chance to shoot with all three of the weapons on offer. The range officers made sure to give everyone a good grounding in how to handle the weapons and what the firing exercises entailed. With its very rapid firing rate, the machine gun presented a challenge to most of the international contestants. Nonetheless, they did manage to shoot well and lay the foundations for the sought-after marksmanship award.

(© Bundeswehr)

All contestants as keen as could be

Cooperation with the base headquarters of the Lithuanian training area was, as ever, excellent. The shooting contest offered by the Germans met an enthusiastic response from the multinational participants. All the contestants praised the way the individual stations had been organised as well as the well-founded briefings on the weapons and exercises. They were a crucial component of overall success.

A positive impression and great professionalism

“All in all, the troops learned a lot from each other about handling different small arms. Their very good performances using unfamiliar weaponry gave a very positive impression of our NATO Allies’ professionalism,” said Captain P., the project officer. This was yet another demonstration of the flexibility of the multinational battlegroup. The safe handling of the unfamiliar weapons and the outstanding performances of the individual soldiers speak for themselves.

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