Rukla, Lithuania, 11 April 2017
On the late evening of 30 March, 58 specialists of the CBRN defence corps from Bruchsal arrived at Kaunas airport. They were received by members of their advance party and further enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania soldiers.

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As planned, the specialists’ equipment reached Sestokai station one day later. After unloading the equipment, two convoys headed for Rukla, where they arrived in the evening after a three-hour drive.

A total of 34 vehicles are available to the German CBRN forces in Rukla, including two Fuchs armoured CBRN reconnaissance vehicles and eight vehicles for decontaminating personnel and equipment as well as a water-processing unit.

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(© Bundeswehr)

The soldiers of the 3rd company of 750 “Baden” CBRN Defence Battalion will train in joint exercises with the Lithuanian forces. A Lithuanian CBRN platoon is also to be integrated into the German company and two CBRN defence cells are to be established which will provide advice to both the Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade and the battlegroup.

In the coming weeks, the specialists will furthermore take care of all water-processing during the exercises as well as training and improving their CBRN defence capabilities together with the Lithuanian soldiers. The company will also help disinfect water cisterns, sanitation containers and equipment. This is required as a precautionary measure before they can be transported back to Germany.

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